Cut to the Choice.

Whether you are a shipper-client or a carrier-client, you won't waste time finding equipment and moving shipments. Our staff has developed a network with those we contact. We know how to cut through the system to find new avenues for success in filling our customers' needs.
We go the extra mile.

Full truckload or less than truckload, we can handle it all. Standard Transportation's Freight Forwarding system allows us to assume the same liability for the customer's freight as a motor carrier would, and also provides protection for the shipper-client from overcharge claims. Although we are not required to carry insurance, ourselves, on our loads, we do. That's one of the ways we go a step further to be the kind of third party provider you want to depend on.
"Agility is the characteristic that has enabled us to evolve into a company with a diverse line of distribution services.  Being agile enables us to respond to the unique challenges of our customers.  We work diligently to create an environment where customers can expect expeditious and flexible solutions."

Todd Stout - Vice President of Operations